In order to maintain a high standard for our performances, it is essential for the entire group to be thoroughly familiar with the music, both notes and expressive components. The entire group benefits when each person is present. We have good leaders and good followers, but you must be present for this to occur. Therefore, the following standards have been established:


1. If you must be absent due to illness or work-related activities, please contact your section leader in advance of the rehearsal or immediately following the rehearsal.


2. If you must arrive late or leave early due to unforeseen circumstances, please clear this with the director in advance if possible. We do make allowances for bad weather conditions, traffic, etc.


3. The number of two (2) absences per concert preparation should not be exceeded. (Exceptions: speak to director)


4. With regard to our college/high school members, it is automatically understood that school activities, which may conflict with our schedule, will have first priority.


5. For those of you who like to participate in our community theater productions, it is your responsibility to inform the director of the play/musical that you have a Monday night commitment when accepting a role. In exchange for their cooperation, we allow your absence on the Monday prior to the opening of the show.


6. Attendance at all rehearsals with the orchestra during the concert week is absolutely essential. If the absence is unavoidable, the final decision regarding eligibility to sing rests with the director.


7. Each member’s presence in the choir is extremely important. Drop-ins and drop-outs change the sound of the chorus. MCCS’ expectation is that all members will be performing at all scheduled concerts during both the Fall and Spring concert seasons. All exceptions should be discussed with the Artistic Director.