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All About Membership


1.         Please be in your seat, ready to rehearse, at the appointed time with your music and a PENCIL.  Each singer must provide his/her own music folder which could be as simple as a 3-ring binder to  a choral folder.  You may purchase the latter from MCCS for $25.

 2.         Should you arrive late, please do not take your seat while music-making is in progress.  Simply wait until a break occurs, then enter quietly.

 3.         Music is to be marked in PENCIL, the first of which will be provided.  Mark your music as instructed by the director.  DO NOT rely on your memory.  It is better to mark too much than too little.  Also,  write your name on your music.  Sometimes it walks off.

 4.         Members who have missed a rehearsal are required to get all markings and other information from their section leader prior to the beginning of the next rehearsal.

 5.         The ideal rehearsal time should be spent working on musical goals; therefore you may need to spend outside time working to secure notes and rhythms.  Some rehearsal time will be spent in sectionals. 

 6.         Normally, a ten minute break will occur around 8:00 P.M.

 7.         Please restrict all conversation to time periods before and after rehearsals, and during the break.

 8.         Members are responsible for checking the attendance roster provided by the section leader.  You will be provided a name tag.

 9.        Please give any change of address/phone number in writing to your section leader.