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All About Membership


We depend on each singer to take his/her chorus membership seriously, to be regular in attendance at rehearsals and concerts, and to maintain vocal/music proficiency as determined by the director. 

Membership is open to any adult who is interested in singing.  High school junior and senior students are eligible for membership based upon a recommendation from their high school choral director.  Auditions, required of new members, are of an informal nature and serve to give the director an idea of your vocal capabilities.  They will be conducted before and after rehearsals.    Dues are considered a tax-deductible contribution, and are a one-time annual payment of $25.00 regardless of when a person joins.  Members who recruit new singers will have their dues waived.  Dues will be waived for high school members.  An additional $10.00 refundable deposit is required from all members before leaving rehearsal with music. (Members from last season may already have money on deposit provided music is returned from the last concert.)  One check covering dues and the first-time deposit may be made payable to MCCS.  If finances are a problem, please pay the deposit first, so you may take your music with you.

All dues are payable by September 7, 2015.