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All About Membership



Following the Christmas and spring concerts, we normally have a party in honor of our financial supporters and YOU!  Your spouse/date is welcome to attend with you.  We normally collect a nominal fee of $5.00 per person.

Dinner/Showtime is a different format from a regular concert.  The dinner is catered:  BBQ brisket, smoked turkey, slaw, potato salad, beans.  We are offering a “kid friendly” menu as well.  Desserts are furnished by the choir and auxiliary.  Dinner service begins at 5:30 p.m.  The dinner portion is optional for choir members.  Should you choose to eat, we ask that you help us underwrite that portion at $10.00.  Dinner is also optional for the general public.  Tickets including the meal/concert are $25.00.  “Concert only” tickets are $15.00.  The concert portion consists of 5-6 selections by the choir, selected songs from the guest artists and additional acts which are auditioned from the choir.  Music for this concert reflects a Disney theme.  See the end for ticket prices for this concert.

The Christmas and Spring Concerts involve an extra dress rehearsal the evening prior to the concert. The overall season ticket package offers the best value at $40.00.  The Christmas and Spring Concert tickets are interchangeable with each other.  In other words an unused ticket will be honored at either concert.  We need your help selling ticketsWe need your help soliciting donors.  You are our best advertisement!  Although we purchase adds, provide posters, etc., it is really helpful for you to spread the work on Facebook, e-mail or by referencing our website:




 All singers are required to purchase their own concert attire.  The following dress code will apply:

            WOMEN:  Full-length, black dress, black jacket and black shoes.  Red jackets are property of MCCS and will be distributed/collected prior to/following the concert at which they are worn.

                                    JEWELRY:    Small loop or stud earrings only

                                    NECKLACE:  To be determined prior to each concert

NO hair ornaments unless worn at the back of the head and blend with the hair color

               MEN:    Black tuxedo/white tuxedo shirts

                             1 black and 1 red bow tie

                             Black shoes


TO ASSURE PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE STANDARDS WE ASK YOU TO REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CONCERT ETIQUETTE:  Choir folders should face away from the audience for entrances/exits.              Paper clip your music to next choral entrance; avoid following the soloists.  TURN PAGES QUIETLY!!!!!  



In order to maintain a high standard for our performances, it is essential for the entire group to be thoroughly familiar with the music, both notes and expressive components.  The entire group benefits when each person is present.  We have good leaders and good followers, but you must be present for this to occur.  Therefore, the following standards have been established:

  1.        If you must be absent due to illness or work-related activities, please contact your section leader in advance of the rehearsal or immediately following the rehearsal.

 2.         If you must arrive late or leave early due to unforeseen circumstances, please clear this with the director in advance if possible.  We do make allowances for bad weather conditions, traffic, etc.

 3.         The number of 2 absences per concert preparation should not be exceeded. (Exceptions:  speak to director)

 4.         With regard to our high school members, it is automatically understood that school activities, which may conflict with our schedule, will have first priority.

 5.         For those of you who like to participate in our community theater productions, it is your responsibility to inform the director of the play/musical that you have a Monday night commitment when accepting a role.  In exchange for their cooperation, we allow your absence on the Monday prior to the opening of the show.


6.         Attendance at all rehearsals with the orchestra during the concert week is absolutely essential.  If the absence is unavoidable, the final decision regarding eligibility to sing rests with the director.


7.         Your presence in the choir is extremely important.  Drop-ins and drop-outs change the complexion.  You are encouraged to commit to the full season. 



We depend on each singer to take his/her chorus membership seriously, to be regular in attendance at rehearsals and concerts, and to maintain vocal/music proficiency as determined by the director. 

Membership is open to any adult who is interested in singing.  High school junior and senior students are eligible for membership based upon a recommendation from their high school choral director.  Auditions, required of new members, are of an informal nature and serve to give the director an idea of your vocal capabilities.  They will be conducted before and after rehearsals.    Dues are considered a tax-deductible contribution, and are a one-time annual payment of $25.00 regardless of when a person joins.  Members who recruit new singers will have their dues waived.  Dues will be waived for high school members.  An additional $10.00 refundable deposit is required from all members before leaving rehearsal with music. (Members from last season may already have money on deposit provided music is returned from the last concert.)  One check covering dues and the first-time deposit may be made payable to MCCS.  If finances are a problem, please pay the deposit first, so you may take your music with you.

All dues are payable by September 7, 2015.



1.         Please be in your seat, ready to rehearse, at the appointed time with your music and a PENCIL.  Each singer must provide his/her own music folder which could be as simple as a 3-ring binder to  a choral folder.  You may purchase the latter from MCCS for $25.

 2.         Should you arrive late, please do not take your seat while music-making is in progress.  Simply wait until a break occurs, then enter quietly.

 3.         Music is to be marked in PENCIL, the first of which will be provided.  Mark your music as instructed by the director.  DO NOT rely on your memory.  It is better to mark too much than too little.  Also,  write your name on your music.  Sometimes it walks off.

 4.         Members who have missed a rehearsal are required to get all markings and other information from their section leader prior to the beginning of the next rehearsal.

 5.         The ideal rehearsal time should be spent working on musical goals; therefore you may need to spend outside time working to secure notes and rhythms.  Some rehearsal time will be spent in sectionals. 

 6.         Normally, a ten minute break will occur around 8:00 P.M.

 7.         Please restrict all conversation to time periods before and after rehearsals, and during the break.

 8.         Members are responsible for checking the attendance roster provided by the section leader.  You will be provided a name tag.

 9.        Please give any change of address/phone number in writing to your section leader.



Rehearsals are held weekly on Monday evenings from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. in the choir room of First United Methodist Church of Conroe, 4308 W. Davis Street. Section rehearsals may be scheduled from 6:30 to 6:55 for those desiring extra help. Occasionally the rehearsal time may be extended prior to concert time.  If unavoidable changes are necessary, you will be informed as soon as possible.  

Scheduled concerts are always preceded by a dress rehearsal usually held the evening prior to the concert.